Green Climate World Project

Seeding Drones

We at Green Climate World always strive to be front leaders in the technology sector. This enables us to use the most efficient processes in every part of our operation. The latest addition to our improved and more advanced process is the use of seeding drones.

Powerful, yet simple

So far the seeding process is been done manually by hand, each seed individually. This makes the process tedious and very straining. In addition to this as a result of it largely depending on the human factor the process is not very effective. So just a small part of the seeding is successful.

There has been a new advancement in the sector of seeding, drone seeding.

Drone seeding is the latest and most advanced thing in the seeding sector. The use of it results in exponentially more successful crops. This is ensured partly by the seeds that are being used in the process. The seeds are tightly packed in balls with all the necessary nutrients for the crop to be successful.

The process begins with the mapping of the land with the drone and making specific plans of where each seeding will take place.

After the drone is programed and loaded with the seeds, the process can begin. The drones fly low and start firing the seeds at the predetermined spots. As the drones fly over these areas, they release or “fire” the seeds at the specific spots that were identified in the seeding plan.

This is the end of the seeding process.

The drones in combination with the planting specialist on our team ensure the process has the highest success rate possible. As experience and knowledge accumulate, the drone seeding process can be adapted and scaled for larger and more complex restoration projects. Lessons learned from each project can be applied to improve efficiency, increase success rates, and address challenges that arise.